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Record In PutMask


The first step in moving filters like a puppeteer is to click the status icon to open the status menu (1), and then you have to click on “Record” Button to put PutMask to Record state(2). Now change the location of the “finish” and “start” to indicate the time interval when you want to obscure the faces. (3) Click the “Add Filter” button to add one or more filters (4) (for better control of the filter, it is better to add only o‌‌‌‌‌ne filter) and then place the filters in the desired place.
You can delete the filter by clicking on the “Delete” button after selecting it. (5) You can also adjust the speed of the recording by clicking on the “Speed” button (6). you can’t change the speed of recording in render mode.
Once you click the “Record” button (7), you must be ready to begin moving and resizing the filters in the desired direction after the countdown has been completed. (8)
 PutMask records the movement of the filters that you do while touching. When the video position reaches “finish” or if you click on the “Stop” button, the recording stops. (9)
This feature allows you to hide & obscure faces that the app cannot detect, or hide anything other than the face. (For best results, it’s best to watch the section of the video you want to obscure a least once before using this feature.) If you had difficulty moving the filter in some parts, don’t worry, you can go to the parts after recording and then go to edit mode and then manually place the filter in each frame in your desired location and dimensions (see “Edit Tutorial”).

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