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To start hiding manually, you first need to click on Icon State to open the state menu (1), and then you have to click on “Record” Button to put PutMask to Record state(2). Now change the location of the “finish” and “start” to indicate the time interval when you want to filter the faces. (3) Click the “Add Filter” button to add one or more filters (4) (for better control of the filter, it is better to add only o‌‌‌‌‌ne filter) and then place the filters in the desired place.
By selecting the filter and clicking on “Delete” you can delete the filter (5). you can also change the playing speed of recording by clicking on the “Speed” button (6).
Now, by clicking on the “Record” button,(7) be ready to complete the countdown and start moving and resizing the filters in the desired direction immediately after the countdown(8).
PutMask records the movement of the filters that you do with your finger, and when the video position reaches “finish” or by clicking on the “Stop” button, the record stops.(9)
You can use this feature to hide faces that the app can’t detect, or to hide anything but the face. (For better use of this feature, it’s a good idea to first watch the part of the video you want to hide at least once in advance) If you can’t move the filter well in some parts of the recording, don’t worry, after recording, go to those parts and then go to edit mode and then manually place the filter for each frame in your desired location and dimensions (see the post “Edit Tutorial”).

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