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To hide faces automatically, you first need to click on Icon State to open the state menu (1), and then you have to click on “FaceTrack” Button to put PutMask to FaceTrack mode (2). When PutMask goes to FaceTrack State, the “Detect Faces” button at the bottom of PutMask appears for you. After you go to your desired frame, click the “Detect Faces” button so that PutMask starts detecting the faces of that frame (3).
After the faces are detected by PutMask (4), you must first select the face (or faces) that you want to hide by clicking on the filters (5) or clicking on the “Select All” button (6). After selecting, just click on the “Start Tracking” button so that PutMask starts tracking the selected face (or faces) and follow them in both directions until they are recognizable(7).
and that means: To hide all the time there is a selected face in the video, You do not need to go to the beginning of the time when the face appears, and whenever the face is clear, PutMask will automatically start tracking the face in two ways. For example, if a face is present from frame 2 to 10, you do not need to go to frame number 2, it is enough to go to one of the frames from 2 to 10, for example, 8 or 7 or 4, and perform this operation. PutMask hides the whole face from frames 2 to 10.
Only Forward Processing supported:
In some video frames, two-way tracking is not possible technically. So you can only use the one-way tracking, or if you want to continue using the two-way tracking, change your position one or two frames in the video forward or backward (8).

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